How to choose good marketing partners?


The offer of marketing agencies is large, so the choice is actually difficult. Even if one partner works well, it is always possible to work even better because of a better organization, relationship. In selecting agencies (as well as colleagues and other partners) I look first:

on the relationship they hold to work,

understanding the field,

how many hours a day devotes me to a partner. Social networks require day-to-day management and sleeping on laurels is not acceptable

how much they bring free ideas, suggestions for cooperation (in the end, with good results, this is usually done :),

how many targeted results have already been achieved (in my case, this is $ 5000 of spending per FB per day)

a detailed advertising plan

What I consider to be positive and good also for the organization of work is that each agency has precisely defined what kind of promotional material it needs and that the promotional material is being prepared within the agency. This allows a quick response insofar as the current marketing material is not effective.