Reputation, quality and warranty - all for successful online sales.


The way to reach the goal - to earn as much as possible - is a lot; of course, it is best to choose the simplest and with the least cost. Of course, I'm talking about an existing website that can never be so good that it can not be even better.

The website is a global website, since revenue is generated on all continents. Of course, online is an essential visit, how many people visit the site daily, and of course, how many people buy a product - conversion rate. Success in this area depends, of course, on a number of partners (customer care in social networks and in ticketing, marketing agencies that direct a quality visit to the site.) In the case of customers - where customers enter the site (through ads) and where they are lost is the first a step we need to pay a lot of attention to. The most important thing is, of course, the main entry point, which must provide the customer with all the necessary information about why the product should be purchased. The page does not, of course, start on the web address, but in an advertisement that is "guilty" the customer came to the web address. I myself think that the customer's last breath on the website needs to calm the customer with reputation, quality and with a guarantee.

A reputation means that a customer wants a product for a certain reason. This can be a trend (Kickstarter, Indiegogo), number of likes on FB or Instagram, references, opinions of recognized experts, opinions of ordinary people, users. I attach the greatest weight to my opinions on Facebook, which are independent, often chaotic and therefore also nauseous for our customers. What, of course, for a client means reputation depends on the age of the party, the state, the culture, the continent ...

The quality depends on the personal perception of each of us. For each product, on the other hand, the desire of the customer is to have the product and usually this desire is extremely strong. Each customer assumes that the product is quality, and of course it depends on how much money we spend on purchasing. We do not expect much from the 3EURE product, and from the product for which we devote more than 100EURO, of course, we expect the operation, quality implementation and consulting services offered by the company.

The warranty, the test period, is an area that would give it almost to the first place in terms of importance for sale. Customers often put on the first place for sale a desire to "have" a product, and if they are not satisfied, they have a test stall available when they can return the product under a transparent procedure that the vendor must provide. So, the customer when he comes to the website in principle wants to have a product. Then, quick reasons are sought for who the seller is, who the product already has, where are the negative comments, the current comments are genuine ... in short, the little devils that destroy the sale. These issues are partially solved by the guarantee, and it is necessary to take care of all the elements listed above, so that the customer will walk through the site as a walk through the forest. From the forest, the party must get good will, rested, breathed fresh air.