sl-Customers (online) must be respected.


Regardless of whether a customer here is from Slovenia or from USA, Japan, it is necessary to develop a fair attitude towards clients everywhere. Respect means offering enough information to buy, terms of purchase, and, in particular, the conditions for returning the product. In principle, many online stores are afraid of this part - the possibility of a refund, but it is the possibility of returning one of the important elements of the purchase. It is also important that customers know where to return and how much they will care. For larger customer groups (in our case, clients from the USA) it's always best to get customers back to the USA. If, for example, it is not difficult (which is not difficult on the web) for customers to send to Europe, it will be very difficult to calculate how many customers you will lose.

Respect also means answering any question within 24 hours, through a system where the customer can check all communication and the state of the response. The same goes for Facebook, of course. Our best and cheapest sellers are our customers.