sl-Choose appropriate images in advertising


Choosing an image is just as important as choosing a product, text, partner. The images are the only ones that directly communicate independently with their clients.

My experience with the pictures is as follows. In the sale of the Elf emmit product, we began to paint models, models, and generally "beautiful" people. What has proven to be over time to sell our images of our customers much better through the testimonials regarding the use of the product. Even in the selection of videos, the best testimonials were women of about 45 years old. Together we set up two videos on youtube - one with a man aged about 25, the other with a woman about 45 years old. The first video reached 3500 views after one month without advertising, and our target model was as much as 11,000. This is, of course, a good Internet hint on how to further build a policy of advertising.