What to Expect from Affiliate Networks?


About seven months ago, I started my first affiliate network (AWIN, then Flexoffer). AWIN is the world's second largest network, the entry costs are relatively low (about $ 2,000), and you also need images in sizes that are adapted for advertising - these data are already provided by the main affiliate partners.

I started with the project with a lot of eagerness and expectations, but at the beginning of cooperation with affiliate partners, you know that the inclusion in 100k websites automatically does not mean that each partner will also sell 1 piece per day. Usually, the rule is that the top 20% of them sell you 80% of everything and that the affiliate network requires at least 2-3 hours of work per day, which is done according to the marketing plan, and that it brings about 10-15% of the sales to the main source of revenue (web trade). This was also the case in our case. What's good in the affiliate network is that the cost of selling per piece (CPO) is extremely low and usually amounts to 10% of the value.

It is a sales source that definitely is worth developing.