5 changes that boosted sales from 3000$ to 6.000$ per day.


As I mentioned in my prevoius posts, client is all that matters. Respect, good offer, reasonable price, right word and picture on the right place. 

From September I run webpage with more then 2mio$ revenue until know and I believe that next to great and dedicated team also small changes contribute to success. Let me name just 5 of them: 

  1. Good offer which demands client's immediate action. Offer decent discount, 35% disocunt on second item
  2. Which arguments are your clients looking for? Add testimonials, testing results
  3. Add real pictures of your clients on  web page 
  4. Take care of "First 20" rule - your webpage, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram...take care of first 20 hits.
  5. Where do clients enter your web page - home page, sub page? Take your time and  make it bullet proof.