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In the world of search engine marketing, links are extremely important. Search engines view inbound links to your website as votes - endorsements of your site and its content. The more of these votes your site receives, the more the search engines regard it as a trusted source and the more likely you are to rank high in their search results for your keywords.

We make connections. From City Hall to the Great Wall. We not only know people, we know the right people.

Great User Experience (UX) Leads to Conversions

It's simple. While some of the designers might disagree with me, I say it's all about achieving the business objective. The user experience is a means to an end - to achieve a goal. The simplest and most objective measure is the conversion rate - whether changes in the experience design will boost or reduce conversions. And the action of conversion might be whatever (purchase, signup, quote request, repeat logins etc).

Here's what it all means:

  • Useful. Is your product or website useful in any way? The more useful, the better the experience.
  • Usable. Ease of use. If it's too complicated or confusing to use, you've already lost. Usability is necessary (but not sufficient).
  • Desirable. Our quest for efficiency must be tempered by an appreciation for the power and value of image, identity, brand, and other elements of emotional design.
  • Findable. We must strive to design navigable web sites and locatable objects, so users can find what they need.
  • Accessible. Just as our buildings have elevators and ramps, our web sites should be accessible to people with disabilities (more than 10% of the population). Today, it's good business and the ethical thing to do. Eventually, it will become the law.
  • Credible. Websites need to be credible - know the design elements that influence whether users trust and believe what we tell them.
  • Valuable. Our sites must deliver value to our end-users. For non-profits, the user experience must advance the mission. With for-profits, it must contribute to the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.

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